By far the deepest and most direct route to relaxation is meditation. It is no accident that for over two thousand years almost every ‘wisdom path’ has featured meditation as the core practice to achieve everything from relaxation to inner peace to mystical states of enlightenment.

The purpose of helping you to learn to meditate is not to turn you into a mystic but to introduce you to the practice of meditation as a way to the deepest form of relaxation – the relaxation of spirit. The most profound calm and serenity lie at the core of our own being; we have simply lost awareness of its presence. Spirit is what we are, sometimes referred to as soul, ruh, chi and atma. We each radiate energy in the form of spiritual light. That light emanates from the core of our being, and is entirely invisible. The quality of our thoughts and feelings will be according to the quality of that light.

The atmosphere in a room is the result of the collective radiance of those in a room, a building, a community and even a nation – what we sometimes call vibrations.

Meditation is the deepest and most effective way to ‘let go’ of the attachments, fears and sorrows which distort our energy and heal the spiritual wounds of the past. Meditation is the easiest way to see and transcend old patterns of behaviour, gain a true insight into eternal truths, and dissolve the blocks that have stopped us from experiencing our inner peace. Meditation helps us to master our senses, maintain our focus of inner attention and therefore remain undisturbed by external events. However, practice and perseverance is required! Then we can truly begin living as human beings and not human doing.

Gün Doğumuna Merhaba Demek

It’s Free.. Are You?

All seminars and lectures conducted by the Bahrain Meditation Centre are free-ofcharge as community service. This is because one of the underlying philosophies of the organization is that only service from the heart is priceless.

We are pleased to offer courses and seminars in English and Arabic to individuals and groups.